Gardens hold more than dirt and plants. They hold power. They heal.

Gardens foster community and relationships and awaken the senses while they provide hope and teach patience and fortitude.

Gardens contribute to our quality of life whether we're working in them or sitting back and taking them in.

Here we will dig deep and expose what all gardens hold, teach and reveal.

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When I'm in my garden I feel...

by Heather Ford-Helgeson
July 15, 2011

Tami and I would like to invite you to finish one or all of the following lines for us:

1.) When I am working in my garden I feel....
2.) When out in my yard, I love...
3.) The best part about my outdoor living spaces are....

We would love to hear from you, for though we love to use Digging Deeper as our place to reflect and refresh, we would love even more to have a dialogue with those of you out there checking in.  You do not have to enjoy gardening or landscaping to be part of this Home Sown Gardens blog, you just have to enjoy what they have to offer. That could be fourth question: 4. ) What do green-spaces around our homes have to offer?

Please post a comment and answer as many of the questions as you'd like. We look forward to your thought and the discussions your reactions will no-doubt generate.

Thank you so much in advance for your participation.