Gardens hold more than dirt and plants. They hold power. They heal.

Gardens foster community and relationships and awaken the senses while they provide hope and teach patience and fortitude.

Gardens contribute to our quality of life whether we're working in them or sitting back and taking them in.

Here we will dig deep and expose what all gardens hold, teach and reveal.

If You Build It...

by Heather Ford-Helgeson

Hello everyone!  It is so good to be back garden blogging again and all of us at Home Sown Gardens look forward to writing for and with you this year. The winter here in Minnesota was mild and many of us are a bit apprehensive about what this may mean for our spring and summer. But we have no control anyway so better to be optimistic and enjoy every warm minute we get.

If spring is any indication, this could be a stellar year of gardening.  I'm looking out my window right now and I'm amazed at the size of my hosta, peonies, tiger lilies, and my grapevine is heavy with leaves...(oh, and the grass needs some serious attention, yikes, I'll have to get on that.) Anyway, my landscaping is looking good so now I can move on to the project I've been looking forward to all winter; building raised beds for vegetables.

If you receive the Home Sown Gardens Newsletter hopefully you have read our piece on easy-to-build raised garden beds. HSG's hope is to inspire as many of you as possible to give a try at vegetable gardening this season and tell us how you do by emailing us. In fact, we urge you to share any of your gardening experiences and questions with us and periodically throughout the season we will post your findings and comments in this blog as part of a section we are calling Garden Share

I will keep you posted on my progress and I hope you keep us posted on yours. Good gardening luck to you all and you'll hear from one of us again soon.